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The team from Tandem Adventure Mayrhofen

Who we are is easy to explain. There is someone without whom nothing works, because it is he who makes you take off: Mario - your tandem pilot with 25 years of flight experience. Then there is still her, who ensures that everything runs smoothly in the background: Viktoria - the strong woman at the pilot's side. And then there's someone who belongs to us like the updraft to flying: our French bulldog Apollo - the mascot of Tandem Adventure Mayrhofen. A small but fine team with a great passion: FLYING.



High flyer and founder of Tandem Adventure Mayrhofen. Even as a little boy, Mario knew one thing:
He wants to FLY. The air is his element.


At the age of 16 he completed his paragliding license and from then on, to the chagrin of his mother, nothing could keep him on the ground. At the age of 20, he completed his certificate with training to become a tandem paraglider pilot and then flew for various tandem companies.

In 2007 he wanted to go even higher. Fly a plane, and a big one. So Mario completed the 3-year training to become an airline pilot in Linz at AeronautX and in Sydney / Australia at Basair Aviation College. Due to this comprehensive training, he is well trained in meteorology and aerodynamics and knows how to move safely in the air.

In 2020 he founded his own tandem paraglide airline - Tandem Adventures Mayrhofen.


Behind every successful man there is a strong woman (at least that's what they say). In our case it is definitely true. Her name is Viktoria - and she pulls the strings in the background.


Even if she is an "indirect" team member, she plays an important role in Tandem Adventures Mayrhofen. On the one hand, she is responsible for the education and amusement of the bulldog. On the other hand, it essentially contributed to the idea of founding the company. As a creative head, she supports the team in the implementation of various marketing strategies.


Our mascot Apollo is also already experienced in flying and absolutely fearless: a small, courageous and happy representative of the French Bulldog breed.


As a puppy, he learned to love gondola rides. Sometimes we even had to prevent him from taking a gondola ride alone, especially since his "winter workplace" is right next to the valley station of the Zillertal Arena in Zell am Ziller. Of course, he was also able to experience a paragliding flight with mom and dad.

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