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Tandem Adventure Mayrhofen

Mario Egger
Hauptstraße 455, A-6290 Mayrhofen

tel.: +43 664 3535 258

Design & technical implementation

netwerk Kreidl GmbH & CO KG
Internet Werbeagentur
Dorfstrasse 16
A-6275 Stumm im Zillertal Österreich

Terms of contract

1. With the acceptance of our ticket the passenger closes an air transportation contract with Tandem Adventure Mayrhofen. This contract is governed by Austrian law.

2. We like to advise, that in tandemparagliding accidents are possible, e.g. because of stumbling or wrong reaction during take of or landing. Of course, we try to keep this risk as small as possible, therefore you have to obey to all the instructions given by the pilot during take off, flight and landing. The passengerconfirms to be in good physical and mental condition. We have covered passenger liability (e.g. in case of an accident) according to Austrain air law (Luftfahrtgesetz) with AIR&MORE Versicherung.

3. Personal items you carry with you (e.g. glasses, cameras, mobile phones and other valuables as well as money) have to be stalled securely. We cannot offer liability for loss or damage, e.g. during take off, flight or landing.

4. The planned flight route, landing site and flight times can be altered at any time, espacially due to security or operational reasons, without compensation fo the passenger.

5. As far as in accordance with Austrian law, you are waiving herewith any claims against the pilot or the transportation company that exceed the limits of existing insurances that are required by the law.

6. Should any part of this agreement be not applicable in consent with the law, the other parts of this agreement shall remain in effect. No other and different verbal agreements exist to this contract. 

7. I have read and understood all previous information given and give my declaration of consent by signing the ticket on the front side of the flight ticket (- underage persons need to have their legal guardian sign this ticket).

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