How it works

Procedure of a tandem flight


After successfully booking your desired date - conveniently from home directly on our website, by phone at +43 664 353 52 58 or by email to - we only need one thing to be able to take off together: the right Weather conditions. So when everything works together, our passengers can expect the following process:


The meeting point is chosen individually.
Depending on the weather, which launch site we use or where you are. Possible meeting points: Finkenberg Penkenjoch, Penkenbahn, pick-up at the hotel for various flights without taking the mountain railway.

Common driveway:
You will get to know your pilot a little while driving up the mountain together. Now is the time to ask everything you want to know about tandem flights.

Briefing at the launch site:
During takeoff preparation, your pilot will explain everything you need to know about takeoff and landing. If necessary, inform us about possible handicaps so that we can safely plan the start. Follow the pilot's instructions. Depending on the weather, a few steps are usually enough to take off. Then count to three before leaning back comfortably in your harness and enjoying the flight.

Flight, photos and video: We capture your flight adventure using photos and videos. If the conditions permit, you also can take over the wheel. After landing, the photo and video files are transferred directly to your smartphone.
Cost: € 25,-

Landing: To land, you only have to do one thing: raise your legs so that we can land gently while sitting.

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